Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Volumio a music server on your Raspberry Pi 3

We have always sought to set up a perfect media center to watch the thousands of films and series, but we never thought of audiophiles who would prefer to see a quality solution dedicated to the musical world .

Well we heard you, and we found a free and open source application , Volumio.

Volumio is based on the Raspbian distribution, the application allows to manage its music library on a single device, Raspberry Pi . Volumio is easy to use , it supports all types of files (mp3, FLAC, Alac, Aac, Vorbis, etc.), and even works with DAC expansion cards to enjoy a clean sound net.

Finally, Volumio is always maintained with updates once a month, which shows the seriousness of the team behind this very nice product.

Install Volumio on his Raspberry Pi 3

Volumio is distributed as a Raspbian image, ie you will have to download the Volumio image from the website.

Once the image "volumio" decompressed, flash SD card as we have learned ( here for Windows or here for Linux / MacOS ). A microSD card like this will do the trick.

Volumio manages Wi-Fi, so no need to clutter with an Ethernet cable.

On the first start of the Raspberry Pi 3, Volumio will proceed with the installation and installation of the app, it may take a few minutes. If, like us, you have chosen Wi-Fi, Volumio will try to connect to a network, if none is available or accessible, Volumio will then create a hotspot named "Volumio" . You will only have to log in with the password "volumio2" to access it. Then go to the web interface on the address volumio.local or by typing the ip of the Raspberry Pi 3.

Here is the interface of Volumio
Welcome to Volumio!

Now you can configure the beast . We advise you to start by changing the language of Volumio and switching the system to French , the option is on the "Appearance" tab.

Once in French, you can connect Volumio to your box , for that simply go to the "Network" tab, then go to the "Wi-Fi network" section, choose your box and enter your code of security.

Build your library

Volumio is now ready for use on your Raspberry, you only have to add all your songs . Again, it's relatively simple, we recommend you switch to an external hard drive like this . Put all your titles and album there and then plug the disc on the Raspberry Pi .

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