Thursday, 10 August 2017

Test of Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon

The Version 18.2 for Linux Mint is an LTS (Long Term Support) until 2021 and code-named " Sonya ".

Is it really necessary to change version?

It is enough to know its current version, to determine until which date it will be supported by Linux Mint and especially to test the last version on his computer and to see if you are satisfied.

How to find out which version of Linux Mint is installed on your PC

It's been a while since you installed Linux Mint on your PC and you can not remember the version.
Go through the main menu to click on the " System Settings " icon (Control Center) and click on the "System Information" icon in the "Hardware" section.
Hardware system settings
Here is in image what it gives on my PC and one can see that the installed version is the 17.3.
Linux Mint System Information
You will then find on the Linux Mint site for the latest versions until when it is supported.
Mint Versions
For my part, none of the versions released after the 17.3 really satisfied me. I tried versions 18, 18.1 and now version 18.2 and I have always encountered a small annoying detail that made that I did not make the decision to move to the next version.
Of course nothing important, but just what it takes to stay still on the 17.3 until 2019.
An example of annoying detail with version 18.2 for example.
I never managed to install my printer , the installation of the driver never arrived at the end.
Linux Mint Printer
Attention, let us hear well, it is for my personal case, you may have no problem on your side. It is not necessary to question that Linux Mint is an excellent distribution and besides I use Linux Mint for a very long time.

How to test Linux Mint 18.2 on your computer?

To test a Linux distribution on your computer, the process is practically always the same and this will allow you to test a lot without touching the installation on your hard disk.
It's a bit like a recipe and start with the ingredients:
- A DVD or a USB key of at least 2 Gb 
- The ISO image of the distribution to be tested here Linux Mint ( 32 bits or 64 bits ) 
- The path on the Internet to download Linux Mint
Software for Burn your image on the DVD or software to place that image on the USB stick .
Then we need a know-how:
- You must know how to change the boot order in the BIOS 
- Change the boot sequence in UEFI 
- Know the key according to the brand of your PC to bring up the menu of selection of the startup media.
Then, we apply the recipe:
- We burn the DVD or install the ISO image on the USB key 
- Change the startup order of the PC to start on the USB key or the DVD 
- Place the DVD or the key in the computer 
- Restart The PC
And like any recipe, we'll see if the dish is successful or not.
- If all components of your computer have been recognized by the distribution, you should see the Cinnamon desktop on the screen with the Welcome window.
Linux Mint 18.2
If you find the desktop a little austere at the start, in a few clicks you can agayer it a little. Linux Mint provides excellent wallpapers.
Right click on the desktop to change the desktop background.
Linux Mint Sonya
And here is Linux Mint 18.2 with another wallpaper to continue the tests.
Linux Mint Wallpaper
This is not seen because it is not written on it, but you are in the presence of version 3.4 of Cinnamon .
As with every release, Linux Mint adds applications, makes software versions in the distribution progress or fixes bugs encountered, such as Pix, Xplayer, Xviewer or Xreader.
For those who have not yet used a Linux distribution, including Linux Mint, you will find everything you need to play, work, watch your photos, movies or surf the Internet.
For video and music, Xplayer and RythmBox
Xplayer Rhythmbox
For the word processing, we still find LibreOffice, an Office suite that also integrates a spreadsheet and presentation software.
LibreOffice Linux Mint 18.02
As far as the walks on the Internet, between Facebook, Google +, Twitter or Instagram, it is Mozilla Firefox that will accompany you.
Internet Video Playback
If you are still missing something, you will not have any trouble installing software from the Linux Mint repository.
From the software manager, you can choose from the headings, the application to be installed or do a search by name.
Linux Mint Software Manager
It is still a master stroke for this new version of Linux Mint. There is not much missing from this distribution to make it its default operating system. Even for gamers, many games can be installed and the Steam platform can serve as a springboard for playing popular games.
Most computer needs are covered and there are few blockages for daily and simple use of Linux Mint. A distribution to test with pleasure without moderation and without touching its hard disk.

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