Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Access your Raspberry Pi via the FTP protocol

The FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) is a protocol that allows us to access the files of a remote computer, (upload, download, rename, modify, move, anything you want) "  Server  " FTP is installed.
We need two things: an FTP server and an FTP client .

The server will be installed on the machine you want to access (here your Raspberry Pi) and the client on the machine from which you want to access it.
The client is extremely simple to install as well as the FTP server, but there are some manipulations to do if you want it to be functional. 🙂
You will be able to access your Raspberry Pi in FTP only locally, ie if it is connected to the same box as you.
Install the FTP server
It's not very complicated, open your terminal (you can also do it in SSH) and enter this:
sudo apt-get install vsftpd
So, the server is near, now let's go to the client side.
Press [o]if asked.
So, the server is installed, now we will configure it.
From your terminal, enter
sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf
A configuration file opens.
Change the line
Now, remove the # in front of the following lines:
Local_enable = YES
Then do [ctrl]+ [x] and [o] then [Enter]

Install the client 

It's very simple, download FileZilla here  according to your platform.
If you are on Linux you can also type
sudo apt-get install filezilla
(It's easier)

If you have never used FileZilla before this can be a bit confusing. So I'm going to explain to you the many areas

1.): These are (as in most software) menus, options, etc.
2.)  This is the quick login area, you just enter the information from your server, and hop! It will be
3.)  This is the log area, where you will see the commands that are sent to the server when you modify, upload, etc your files.
4.) This is the area of ​​your files (which are stored on your computer) or you can browse exactly as your file explorer
5.) This is the file area of ​​the server, it is presented in the same way as zone 4

6.) This is the zone where you will see file transfers in progress (when you upload or upload). You will see information such as transfer speed,%, target area, and so on.

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  1. You know filezilla will work over scp/ssh too.