Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Debian 8.8 is now available for download! Download now!

What's New in Debian 8.8

This update mainly adds fixes for security issues to the stable version, along with some adjustments for serious issues.
In short, Debian 8.8 essentially brings a set of fixes and adjustments.
To learn more about this version of the distribution, visit the release note .

Learn more about the Debian distribution

To learn more about the Debian distribution, click on this link .

Upgrading from Debian Weezy to Debian 8.8

If you are still using Debian Weezy to upgrade your system to Debian 8.8, follow the steps in this tutorial: 

Upgrading to Debian 8.8

Anyone who is already using Debian 8.x just needs to update their systems to get these updates. To do this, just wait for the updates to appear on the system, or do the following: 
Step 1. Open a terminal; 
Step 2. Update the package manager with the command:
sudo apt-get update
Step 4. Now use the command below to update the program;
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Step 5. Restart the system with the command below:
sudo reboot
If you want to do a clean install of Debian, use this tutorial: 

Download and try out Debian 8.8

The Debian 8.8 ISO image can now be downloaded by going to the distribution download page and choosing the image of your choice.

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