Sunday, 9 April 2017

How to install Raw Image Editor Darktable on Ubuntu

A new version of Darktable has been released recently. It is used for photo processing program in RAW format..Here's how to install it on Ubuntu.

If you want work with images (i.e mostly in RAW format), Darktable application is the best for this. Darktable is an alternative of a raster graphics editor such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, 

Darktable works with a set of tools which have geared specifically for RAW format photo processing.

if you want using non-destructive editing, it is mainly focused on improving the photographer's work process by management of large amounts of images. 

Darktable application is  an open source and it is available for free in different-different versions for Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris distributions under GPL version 3 or higher.

Here are some features of the program:
  • It is totally non-destructive editing application.

  • All core functions of the Darktable operate on 4 x 32-bit pixel floating-point buffersand it is allowing SSE instructions for speed increases.

  • It  also provides GPU acceleration via OpenCL (runtime detection and enable) and has built-in ICC profile support: sRGB, Adobe RGB, XYZ and linear RGB. 
  • A plugin allows you run flexible database queries and  browse your images for tags, image classification (stars), color labels and more.

  •  You can filter and sorting your collections within the base query or simple tagging by related tags.

  • You can imports a variety of image formats.

  • Darktable application currently comes with 15 translations: Albanian, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai.

  • It supports picasa webalbum, flickr upload, disk storage, 1: 1 export copy, email attachments. It can also generate a web gallery based on simple html.

  • it allows, you can export images to low dynamic range (jpg, png, tiff), 16-bit (ppm, tiff), or linear high dynamic range (pfm, exr).

  • It uses two secondary XMP files as well as its fast database to save metadata and processing settings. 
 To know more details about the latest version of themDarktable program, Here is release note 

Installing the Darktable Photo Processing application on Ubuntu

To install the Darktable photo processing application on Ubuntu, do the following these steps: 

1. Open a terminal (Using Dash or pressing CTRL + ALT + T);
2. If you do not already have it, add the program repository with this command
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmjdebruijn/darktable-release

 3. Update the Apt by typing the command:
sudo apt-get update
4. To install the update, use this command:
sudo apt-get install darktable

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