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Top 10 Free Alternatives to Windows Operating Systems

Linux - is not only an alternative operating system. Some operating systems developed by large corporations, others - small projects developed by enthusiasts as a hobby.

We do not recommend most of them on your main computer. If you want to play with them, then you can install the software for the virtual machine, for example VirtualBox or the VMware Player Get , and try the systems out there.

The Linux , the FreeBSD and similar

212121; font-family: "Open Sans", Times, serif; font-size: 14px; margin-bottom: 10px; outline: 0px; padding: 0px; text-align: justify; vertical-align: baseline;"> No list of alternative operating systems can not do without Linux. This is an alternative operating system for the PC. Linux comes in different variations, known as Dr. istributivy Linux . Ubuntu and Mint - the most famous of them. If you want to install on your PC an alternative operating system, it is likely that you install one of these Linux distributions.
Linux - UNIX-like operating system, as well as other opensorsnye operating systems, for example, such as the operating system FreeBSD. FreeBSD uses a different kernel, but uses many such software, which you can see in a typical Linux distribution. Experience of working with FreeBSD is similar to the experience with Linux.

the Chrome the OS

Chrome OS from Google is built on the Linux kernel, but replaced with desktop software and user-level programs, so run on Chrome OS can only software designed specifically for him.
Chrome OS is not quite a complete operating system in its broadest sense. It is designed to be preinstalled on specialized laptops known as Chromebook (Chromebooks). However, you have the option of installing it on your own PC .


SteamOS from Valve at the moment is in beta. SteamOS it is only the distribution Linux , which includes a lot of standard Linux software. Currently SteamOS positioned as a new operating system for PC gaming. Under the external interface of the old OSes hidden desktop Linux, but the computer is started in a specially designed interface Steam for living rooms (in the likeness of consoles Xbox and the Playstation ).
In 2015 you will get the opportunity to buy a PC preloaded with SteamOS system, known as Steam Machines . Valve will maintain SteamOS installation on any PC, if the user consents.04


Android uses Linux as the kernel, but almost all in Android is very different from the usual Linux distributions . Originally developed for Android smartphones can be put on the PC, receiving "Android-laptop" or even "Android-computer"! No news is that there are many projects created with the aim to adapt Android to the PC , even Intel is developing its own port of Android to the PC. Android on a PC still does not allow to open multiple applications simultaneously , but you can install it on your PC.05

The Mac the OS the X

Epplovskaya operating system Mac OS X pre-installed on Macs, but now Mack is just one of the varieties of the PC, with the same standard hardware inside. Install Mac OS X on a PC can prevent only Apple license agreement, and the incompatibility of hardware for your PC. Mac OS X can only work seamlessly on a PC with the appropriate hardware stuffing Mac.
There is a thriving community of people gather myself a PC running Mac OS X, known as a Hackintosh .06


BeOS was an easy operating system for the PC, ported on Intel x86 system in 1998, but who were not able to resist, and Microsoft Windows. Be Inc, in the end, it shows your sued Microsoft, accusing of putting pressure on Hitachi, Compaq, that they should not let the PC with preinstalled BeOS. Microsoft withdrew a lawsuit by paying $ 23.5 million Be Inc, although his guilt is not recognized. Be Inc was eventually purchased Palm.
Haiku - opensorsnoe override BeOS, who is currently in alpha testing. This is a snapshot of what is possible to come to PC, if Microsoft did not press be so tough on partners in the 90-ies.07


OS / 2 operating system was originally developed by Microsoft and IBM. IBM continued to develop after Microsoft left the project, and OS / 2 began to compete with MS-DOS and earlier versions of Windows. Microsoft eventually won, but until now there is still the old ATMs, PCs and other systems using the OS / 2. IBM eventually sold this operating system called OS / 2, the Warp, I think this name is familiar to you.
IBM no longer engaged in the development of OS / 2, but the company Serenity Systems operating system has a right to the continuation of the spread. The company gave the name of the operating system of eComStation . It is based on IBM-ovsky OS / 2, it is equipped with additional software, drivers and other optimizations.
In our list is the only paid the operating system except Mac OS X. For reference, you can download and install the free trial version.08


ReactOS - bespllatnaya operating system is open source Windows NT architecture. In other words, it is an attempt to implement the Windows, as operating an open-source system that is compatible with all the Windows applications and drivers. ReactOS uses together some code together with the project the Wine , which allows you to run Windows applications on Linux and Mac OS X. ReactOS is not based on Linux - the purpose of the project to be open-source operating system created for example Windows NT. (All modern operating systems Windows, from XP is based on Windows NT).
It is believed that this operating system is in the alpha test. At the moment, the problem of the developers - 100% compatibility with Windows Server 2003 , so that the system is still a long way to readiness.09


Of Syllable - opensorsny fork from AtheOS, which originally was preparing to become a clone of the AmigaOS. This is an easy operating system "in the tradition of the Amiga and BeOS, but created with the use of GNU and Linux project developments." As in most similar, small-scale projects, the development team is very limited.10


Unlike many other hobby projects presented here, SkyOS proprietary system and open-source. Initially, for OSes even offered to pay. In 2009, the development has been completed, but the latest beta version was presented to the free download is only in 2013.eleven
You can also put the FreeDOS - the MS-the DOS version of the open source, remember the old DOS-era .

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