Friday, 10 March 2017

Raspberry Pi Pixel OS released operating system for old Mac and PC

Operating System Pixel OS, designed for mini-PC Raspberry Pi, became available on desktop platforms. Experience the "OSes" are owners of Mac computers and PC.

Pixel OS offers users a simple and modern user interface and pre-defined set of free third-party software and programming tools - including the Chromium browser with various plug-ins.
Operating system based on Debian and has very modest system requirements (starting from i386 with 512 MB of memory), so that it can run even on very old models of Mac and PC. However, the platform developers warn that the OS comes with no Mathematica and Minecraft due to the fact that the use of this software for only Raspberry Pi is under license.
According to the founders of Pi, it is a set of tools and capabilities needed to users when choosing a work environment. This idea is incorporated in the name of the operating system, which stands for «Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight».
The result of several months of work became an experimental version of the Debian + PIXEL for x86-based platforms. The company argued that the operating system will work even in the "vintage" like laptops ThinkPad x40 - most importantly, that they have at least 512 MB of RAM.

The image of the OS from the developer's site allows you to boot without having to install directly from the optical disc or flash drive. In the latter case, you can save the changes, so that they will be visible on the next boot.
Developers  Pixel OS hoping that their move will be of interest, including schools, which often have a lot of old computers. This means that students will be able to continue the work begun in the school house, but on the Raspberry Pi.

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