Thursday, 30 March 2017

Meet Endless OS - The Linux that Comes on Endless Computers

Do you already know Endless computers? Then know Endless OS, the Linux that comes with these devices. Learn more about the system and find out where to download.

Endless OS is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNOME desktop, which comes preinstalled on Endless computers (Mini and One models).

According to the company behind the system, OS and computers were designed during three years of research with users in favelas and rural areas in Rio de Janeiro, Guatemala and India
Endless OS was designed to take into account the shortcomings of broadband infrastructure in emerging countries.
From application design and performance in online and offline modes to the way software updates are performed, your Linux-based infrastructure ensures optimal performance even on old or second-hand machines.

By downloading Endless OS, you will have access to an ecosystem with more than 100 applications on the most varied subjects of interest for the whole family.
This includes a complete encyclopedia, educational games for kids, dinosaur information apps, health and wellness, recipes and more.
There are also tools for writing documents, worksheets and presentations, editing videos and photos, creating 3D prototypes and listening to music.
The Endless OS operating system is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English in two versions:
The Light (2 GB) version is recommended for people with some internet access and who may choose to download educational content and other applications later. It includes basic desktop applications like the Chromium browser, LibreOffice (compatible Microsoft Office), audio and video player, CD / DVD burner, photo organizer, calendar organizer and organizer, emails and contacts.
The Full (10GB) version is recommended for people with no access or very limited access to the internet. In addition to all the basic desktop applications in the Light version, it also includes more than 100 pre-installed applications accessible online, with information on health, education, business and entertainment, Encyclopedia with more than 80,000 articles Wikipedia, Virtual School with videos from Khan Academy, library with classics from children's literature, games and apps that teach programming.

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