Sunday, 12 March 2017

Linux: Canonical Launches New Ubuntu tutorial site

Canonical has launched a new website to help users to develop and implement activities on machines  Ubuntu in a simpler way.

Ubuntu Tutorials wants to make life easier for developers budding

The new  
site of Ubuntu Tutorial
 presents a tutorial series as a tribute, particularly focused on working with  Snaps , the new format is not tied to the distro pacchettamento of Canonical .

Discussing this launch,  Will Moggridge of  Canonical said that the idea is to expand the world of development in a wide variety of subjects, in the near future.
He added that  Ubuntu Tutorials are part of a larger project to improve the documentation in all their porgetti, the goal is to improve the findability and usability of the documentation of  Canonical .
There seems to be a very interesting thing to see  Canonical tackle head-on the technology node and frameworks that hinders development in the Open Source world.
Despite his desire to be a desktop developer, it has never been particularly easy to build and deploy applications for  Ubuntu , because of its documentation for developers worn, slightly updated and the lack of step-by-step solid examples.
The last major attempt to push that we can think of was  Ubuntu Developer Portal . 
The documentation on the construction and the creation of applications for  Ubuntu Phones came a bit too late in the process and was undoubtedly hampered by the continuous change of the specific platform.

Ubuntu Tutorials is clearly Open Source

Obviously, the new site  Tutorials Ubuntu  is completely open source and its code is available from  GitHub repository Ubuntu Tutorials .

Canonical  plans to make it particularly easy for developers, the tutorial to contribute their wealth of the site (hopefully with a minimum of quality control, to maintain a high level) and should address, in short, a function to write tutorials using  Markdown .

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