Wednesday, 8 March 2017


There is another common myth: An alternative to Windows is Linux, which is free, and will allow us to greatly save on licenses, while maintaining functionality.


Linux - it really is free software for servers and workstations with the software package, largely replacing the paid software: it has of OpenOffice, replacing MS Office and is fully compatible with it, there is GIMP package, replacing of Photoshop, and so on. That is, it would seem, it is an excellent and free alternative to windows-systems.
However, if we look at the possibility of using Linux in a corporate environment, then we have to take into account the following factors:

1. Unfortunately, Linux does not exist analogues of many common corporate management systems. That is, there is no 1C on Linux, as well as Navision, Parus and other systems used in the corporate sector. In other words, if your company is using something other than the Excel and Word, you will not be able to use the "free" Linux.
2. The windows-network there are a number of things that are missing in the Linux-systems or work there is not so convenient. Thus, the directory service  the Active Directory  the Windows with support multidomain multisite and very comfortable and functional in the construction of large geographically distributed networks. Postal Exchange Service is a reliable and flexible solution for corporate e-mail, the integration into the corporate environment and gives great opportunities for collaboration. And many other things, allow to solve problems of varying degrees of complexity.
3. At the moment, Windows stability is not a myth. It is really very stable, functional environment and more comfortable in many ways than Linux.
4. Quite an important factor in the transition to Linux-system is the difference in the interface. It all looks different. Not worse and not better, just different. Therefore we must be prepared for the fact that considerable time is required to spend on retraining staff on new software that is the case with people of advanced age can be a very daunting task.
5. We are not in vain called Linux "free" in quotes. What Linux distribution is free - it's a fact. However, as is the fact that the  service network , entirely built on Linux, will be higher than Windows-network. And that's why:
  • Linux-literate administrators, alas, an order of magnitude smaller than the windows-admins. As with windows-systems, thousands of young people who have put a couple of times Linux consider themselves professionals, but it is unlikely to be bet on these "experts." The real profit is very little, and they most likely will not want to be pulled users with their "small" problems like non-printing printer.
  • As for Linux professionals less "value" of their higher. It is easy to determine from the ads on or comparing prices for  IT outsourcing .
  • Add the cost of re-training your staff to work with Linux, the adaptation of the software that you already have, and the costs easily exceed the cost of the purchase of Microsoft licenses. After all, under Linux will not run any macros Writing into Excel, or most of the programs advertised on the Internet.

Thus, to talk about "free" Linux can only be in the context of the purchase. If we compare the cost of Linux operating and Windows, which for computers and servers is calculated from the three-year period, the savings will go to zero. In other words, Windows-system probably will cost you the same price as the "free" the Linux, despite the cost of the licenses.


No. Linux - a wonderful operating system, stable, reliable, very fukntsionalnaya. Just in its current form, it has a certain scope primereniya. It can be recommended as a home OSes for "power users", in situations separately-standing terminal, a web server or a firewall. By the way, our web server from which you are reading this site, runs on Linux. And it works well.
What to use - it's up to you. We, for our part, only expressed the point of view of experts, not the first ten years of working in this field.

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