Friday, 24 February 2017

Ubuntu Kylin developers develop new custom UKUI environment

Developers Ubuntu Kylin , an official of Ubuntu the Linux edition for Chinese users, introduced a new desktop environment UKUI (Ubuntu Kylin the User the Interface), which is planned to be used by default in one of the future editions of Ubuntu Kylin instead Unity environment. It is noted that UKUI environment already quite stable, and ready to compete with the GNOME project and MATE. Packages with UKUI can also be mounted in the usual Ubuntu ( PPA ) and Debian. The initial draft text distributed under the GPLv2 license.

UKUI is a fork MATE desktop and offers a modernized version of the classic desktop organization, stylized design of Windows 7. The user is prompted own implementation of two-panel menu, with a separate section for selected applications, built-in search engine, grouping applications into categories and the allocation of frequently used applications in each category . There is the possibility of combining similar tasks in one window with the manipulation of them as a whole. Changed the login screen and the control panel. File Manager Peony (fork Caja) stylized as Windows Explorer.

The reasons for the creation of fork MATE is called the desire for design, more user-friendly for users in China, who are accustomed to Windows interface. To solve this problem needed to process components such as menu, panel and control center. Many of the new settings do not match the architecture and design principles of the MATE, which does not allow them to develop within a single project. Creation MATE fork also contributed to plans for further simplification and harmonization of interfaces and libraries.

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  1. How is it resource wise? And how is compared to say KDE which I am addicted to.