Friday, 6 January 2017

Here's How to Get Rainbow Hair if You're a Brunette

While I've never truly subscribed to the idea that blondes have more fun, they do have infinitely more options when it comes to rainbow hair color trends. From dreamy pastels to galaxy-inspired ombre, these colors were designed for people with flaxen hair. But now there's a rainbow hair color trend just for brunettes that doesn't require bleaching. 

Oil slick hair is a technique that allows brunettes to rock rainbow hair, minus the serious damage that can come with it. Celebrity colorist Aura Friedman invented the look, which incorporates inky iridescent tones of purples, blues and greens, and was inspired by gasoline-laced puddles on a rainy day. 

"It's dark, mysterious, rich and, more importantly, the most striking fantasy hair trend with the least amount of damage," says Splat Hair Color Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Helen Crutchfield-Christoni. 

Crutchfield-Christoni says for a more vibrant oil slick look, darker brunettes will need to lift their hair to a light brown, but don't have to go to the platinum or light blonde levels that other rainbow hair color trends require. 

Here, 16 oil slick rainbow hair looks to give you all the inspiration you need for your next salon or at-home color.

Lovely LayersOil slick hair offers a playful way to show off your layered cut. The subtle shades act as highlights to emphasize the depth of the style. 

Pop of RedWhile the traditional oil slick colors play up violets, greys, blues and greens -- make the trend your own by incorporating a strand of red here and there. It's the perfect contrast for making blue eyes pop.

 Oil Slick Ombre
Ombre hair is still very much a thing, but an oil slick version is one way to enhance the style. (Plus, it's perfect for the ladies who have hair color commitment issues. 

Brilliant BrunetteWhy pick one, when you can have them all? We love this extra-vibrant take on the oil slick hair trend. Just be sure to go two to three days between washing to extend the life of your bright, eye-catching colors.


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